The Curious Autodidact

January 27, 2009

Saving Money on the Monthly Bills: First in a Series

In these belt tightening times it is even more important to examine what are the essential costs of daily living and what are the extras that got added on when wallets were thick. You may quickly dismiss the fact that there is anything that can be trimmed but perhaps that just means you have to think with a tad more intention. Maybe you’d look stylish in your glasses instead of the disposable contact lenses. Instead of feeling too busy all the time you should turn off the cable and spend more time visiting with family and friends, or more time outside moving around for health.

think of how smart youll look in your glasses

think of how smart you’ll look in your glasses

Re-occurring monthly bills—-we all have them and these are likely the vampires that arrive twelve times annually that we just leave on autopilot without a thought. The companies count on this, that our lives are too full to get competitive bids on the car insurance, or the fuel bill, or the internet service.

Consider raising your deductibles on your car insurance or health insurance. Call around and make sure that the insurance you have is the best value. Ask your agent if she or he can suggest some ways to cut down the costs.

Compare the costs per gallon for your oil or propane bill that is likely delivered while you are at work without much thought and possibly without examination of the unit costs when you pay the bill.

Consider eating a little lower on the food chain and think of yourself as not only thrifty but ahead of the environmental curve as you buy in bulk and save the need for all that excess packaging. Legumes are good for you and with access to so many recipes from all over the world on-line there’s no reason for these to be tasteless or dull tasting. Eating less meat is better for health and easier on the pocketbook too.

Attending a Farmers Market at the end of the day enhances your chances of bargains

Attending a Farmer’s Market at the end of the day enhances your chances of bargains


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