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February 4, 2009

Almost Endless Educational Potential On-line

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Academic Earth

Although we missed the boat when it comes to utilizing the television to its highest potential as a teaching tool it looks like it is coming to life on the Internet. The latest site worth your attention is Academic Earth

Perhaps you weren’t able to attend one of these fine Universities:

* Berkeley
* Harvard
* Princeton
* Stanford
* Yale

Well even if you did you can now log on-line and see and hear selected lectures and watch the videos of the classroom.

Readers may be interested in hearing Yale’s professor Amy Hungerford’s lecture on Toni Morrison’s Bluest Eye, Edward P. Jones’s Known World or Marilyn Robinson’s Housekeeping. You can attend one class lecture or stay for the whole course The American Novel since 1945. Or you can surf over to Stanford and listen to Guy Kawasaki’s lecture on Passion vs. Money or the other more than 300 business lectures on-line. Is there a science topic you’d always wished to have explained to you? Well this is your site, if you don’t grasp it listening the first time, hit a button and you can hear it again or let it settle in your mind and listen again next week.

The site is organized by: University, Topics, and even Top Rated Instructors.

Now the only issue is how to find time to listen to all these lectures that are now available without subscription, to all internet users with a fast connection, and time to watch.

This site unleashes some of the educational potential of the Internet and will likely be one you will enjoy again and again.

Miles and Miles of Knowledge in the library and on-line too

Miles and Miles of Knowledge in the library and on-line too


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