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June 13, 2009

Bing: As in Crosby?

Filed under: cool internet stuff,media related,money saving ideas — Honilima @ 10:07 pm

At the risk of seeming like a total Microsoft Fan GRRRL I urge you to think about the power share of the search market Google has and to give BING the new Microsoft search tool a try. It’s simple to take a moment and replace the little Google search window in your current browser.

We need to have competition among search tools and I committed to a friend to try BING for a week by changing my search window and hey folks I am not going back. Hooray for the underdog I say. Microsoft has integrated several things close at hand with Bing, Hotmail and my favorite Farecast that allows you to enter a travel destination and be notified when cheap fares are available. Are you lost? Give the map feature a go.

Google is gathering a tad too much information about each of us and has too much of the market share. Data mining is big big business and you should give your profile a breather.

Give Bing a try — you’ll enjoy the change of scene.


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