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July 6, 2009

Free Credit Score?

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In our modern world you can’t even get insurance without providing your social security number so they can check your credit score. This score influences the insurance rates you pay. It is important to make sure these reports are up to date and accurate.

To avoid errors in your report and to nip identity theft in the bud it’s important to request for your credit report at least yearly if not twice annually.

There are three credit reporting agencies, Transunion, Equafax, and Experian and you can get one report from each annually, so stagger them if you have time review your reports twice annually.

Although you can get a free credit report in order to get the number that is your credit score generally you have to pay for it. Credit Karma is a new service that will bring that number to you and additionally will help you understand what goes into that score and how you may improve it.


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