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July 26, 2009

Goodbye Blue Mail Boxes?

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I thought I was the only one who was searching around for the now elusive blue mail boxes. When driving in the car my sister and I call out now when we see one they are so rare almost like four-leafed clovers.

They removed the drive up boxes from our neighborhood (Magnolia in Seattle) due to a construction project and we had to fight for months to get another put in another place with only one daily pick up instead of three. There are to my knowledge only four left in our entire neighborhood including the one outside the post office itself. This is not helpful for the elderly and disabled who rely on drive up boxes for ease of use.

I guess this is a trend that will only get worse, not unlike the complex package and mailing rules making it impossible to know how much postage to put on something without a trip into the post office or what most people do putting on way too much postage to avoid such a journey. Here’s an article in the Washington Post today “So Long, Snail Shells” about the diminished number of boxes and the almost certain demise of snail mail in the future.


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