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August 2, 2009

Take Yourself and a Friend to this Movie

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The perfect diet movie

The perfect “diet” movie

Go see the movie “Food Inc.” — really. Not only will be help you to stick to your vegetarian diet it will let you know more about what a sickly industry we are supporting in this country when it comes to the production of our food.

You will get a big crush on a farmer in N. Carolina who is trying hard to do the right thing and witness many jobs you are glad you don’t have to do, in environments no one should work. This movie is the update of Upton Sinclair’s book THE JUNGLE and more. There are extensive minutes with Michael Pollan and Fast Food Nation’s Eric Schlosser both of whom have important messages about what we eat and how it gets to our tables.

See it on the big screen if you can, support the movie’s message, and work for more enforcement of the FDA laws that are in place, and help to pass Kevin’s Law.


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