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January 6, 2010

A Documentary: The Beauty Academy of Kabul

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In our world of the “new new thing” it’s sometimes good to stop and cull through the archives of not so new things. The number of quiet documentaries of merit that are made in this country every year, some make an initial splash but are then forgotten. Netflix has helped to lift quite a few lesser known titles back from obscurity. This documentary is one that can be viewed streaming on-line.

“The Beauty Academy of Kabul” is just such a film. Although it would appear the well-meaning hairdressers, from across the oceans, hadn’t read a newspaper in years and had minimal cultural sensitivity, the story of their establishing a beauty school in Kabul is a moving one. Women helping women is always a lovely thing to see and the joy in these women’s eyes, as they establish themselves as skilled new stylists, is a delight.

Although they were criticized for putting their efforts toward beauty instead of more pressing issues, and some of their reactions to the culture they visited were less than mature, it is a worthwhile movie to enjoy.


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