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January 10, 2010

For the Many Fans of Elizabeth Warren: Mother Jones article

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— Illustration: Polly Becker; Source photo: Cliff Owen/Newscom

Writing in Mother Jones Magazine David Corn asks:
Can DC’s top bailout cop beat the finance lobby—and Larry Summers?

Here is just one of the comments about the piece titled Let’s Clone Elizabeth Warren:

Elizabeth Warren speaks to the people and for the people as a bureaucrat, and this is highly unusual. I especially liked her comment about “tricks and traps” accommodated by the law.

No wonder she is feared. She is an honest woman and her excellent background makes her eligible for positions where she can work for the “public good” — but we see that the view of what constitutes the “public good” is always overcome by the realities of law and process and procedure that are generally purchased by those with the most money and influence to determine what constitutes the “public good.”


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