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February 27, 2010

Modern Cooking with a “TNT” pot

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Fagor a great pressure cooker brand

Many people have memories of old fashioned pressure cookers that were a danger for their ability to blow up from excess pressure. They have come a long way and it’s time for your to explore pressure cooker cooking as a way to prepare healthy fresh foods inexpensively. Your food will be more tasty and you will cook with way less fat.

Cooking Under Pressure: A Great Cookbook

My dear neighbor Mary gave me the courage to begin to use my pressure cooker by lending me Lorna Sass‘s book COOKING UNDER PRESSURE. It’s a great cookbook and gave me the courage to just move ahead into this great method of cooking good foods quickly. Once you’ve made risotto using her method you may never make it another way. I have bought several friends pressure cookers including a friend in Chicago that refers to it as his TNT pot. He is a convert but I always give the book with the pot. You can find a FAGOR brand pot and that’s what I’d recommend. Be sure to get at least a six quart size or larger.

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