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April 8, 2010

Changing Your Perspective: a New Viewpoint

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Facing Arthur” is a remarkable documentary about Arthur Lederman, a 101 year old violinist who was a Holocaust survivor living in New York City and Christoph Erbsloch a twenty year old from Germany. Lederman had been a concert violinist, and Erbsloch a budding cellist whose grandfather was a solider in the German army. Christoph comes to New York for a year, to volunteer as a chore worker, to serve shut ins, and his relationship with Arthur begins with a rocky start.

This is a marvelous story of cross-cultural and cross-generational friendship. It is also the story of changing viewpoints and how a love of music can bring people to a mutual understanding.

Netflix has this film and I’m sure plenty of big public libraries with large DVD collections. Watch the movie and smile. Take a moment after the movie to go visit a person who is aging and stuck at home without many visitors.


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