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June 5, 2010

A Few Computer Hints Worth Checking out

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When I took my little ipod shuffle in to talk to the Apple “genius” about why it was malfunction I wasn’t impressed by the answers I was given nor by the snobby look I was given as if to say “oh so you’re the one who these are marketed to…” I listen to free pod casts so I don’t need to have a more pricey model of MP3 player.

A young man who saw my laptop told me that I’d better get another soon since it was reaching it’s three year expected life (huh?). The throw away nature of all this technology is more than a little upsetting and to think of all this techno-waste we are creating and what happens to it later it even more unnerving. This is why I was interested to see this listing of the most reliable portable computers by manufacturer after two and three years of use.

Here are some other computer related things that may be of interest:

Although I use Bing to keep some competition out there for the big G, here’s rundown of 10 Simple Google Search Hints from the New York Times.

Here are three worthwhile articles about password protection something you always say you are going to get around to from Slate Fix your Terrible Insecure Passwords in Five Minutes, Lifehacker’s Use Nostalgic “Keys” to Encrypt Files and Remember Passwords and Microsoft’s Online SafetyCreating Strong Passwords.

In case you didn’t get the bulletin on how to delete your Facebook account forever here’s a hint from the Consumerist’s website.

It’s hard to keep track of all this technological change but it is a dynamic world we are living in!


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