The Curious Autodidact

July 21, 2010

Thinking about Subscribing to a New Podcast?


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Okay, I’ll fess up that I haven’t spent a cent on I-tunes. Old school or too penurious? You decide. There are so many great podcasts that you can listen to that are free why further enrich Uncle Steve’s (Jobs) pockets?

Imagine even ten years ago thinking that you could program your own radio listening each day, today that is true and with so much available it can be somewhat overwhelming to choose between the many offerings. I have a friend in Chicago who shares suggestions for podcasts worth a listen that he’s heard recently. It’s fun to listen to his choices and to share with him my favorite picks.

If you are one who likes to go to lectures but gets home from work too tired to do so, take a listen to San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club’s podcast and the list of some 300+ speakers they invite in to speak in front of a live audience annually. KUOW’s Speaker’s Forum broadcasts speakers from Seattle’s Town Hall and sometimes the City Club, both host national and international speakers of merit.


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