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August 5, 2010

Computer Tips for Non-geeks

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Image result for old computer programming cards

If you want to learn some computer tips but don’t want o be overwhelmed you may want to check out these articles. Written in easy to understand language they will help you to feel more proficient when using your computer.

Three Tips for More Effective E-mail from PC Magazine explains some things you may not know about e-mail or hints you may want to pass along to your less informed relatives and e-mail pals who sent you e-mails with all the recipients disclosed etc.

From the New York Times, 10 Simple Google Search Tricks I’m sure you can use these on BING too, my search engine of choice.

From Slate Magazine, Fix Your Terrible, Insecure Passwords in Five Minutes something that should be done at least once a year if not more often that we always say we are going to “get around to” but often delay.

Everything you wanted to know about Microsoft’s Skydrive is detailed here, a simple way to have access to your materials “in the cloud.”


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