The Curious Autodidact

November 5, 2010

More Tech Tips for Fall: RSS Feeds

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Instead of looking up a bunch of websites to check up each day on what is new I have set up a simple Google RSS feed. I subscribe as you would a newspaper or magazine to sites that I want to check up on daily. This allows me a simple place to go to see what’s new as the various things are aggregated into one simple format. RSS feeds allows readers to view lots of information quickly and then click on the stories that interest them most. A few things I have subscribed to in my RSS feed include: The Buzz Machine, The Consumerist, French Word a Day, Freestyle Volunteer, Lifehacker, Molly Rants, and Well. Some of these are magazines, some are blogs, some are newspapers and they all stream simply using RSS feed. It’s like a modern-day Reader’s Digest without the features being the abridged, they are customized to your choosing and you can alter it as you wish with the press of a button or two. There are many different RSS feeds, I use Google and am most familiar with this one but there are other available, talk to a friend you may learn about which one they use. As they say in the UK, it is simply brilliant!


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