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November 14, 2010

The Boy Who Loved Tornadoes

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Randi Davenport is a brave intelligent women with two children, a son with special needs and a younger daughter she worked hard to keep her life on an even keel. She moved to North Carolina in hopes the services for her young son Chase would be more available and off she went as a single mother of two, on a quest to provide a better life for both children. Here’s is an inspirational story.

She tells the ups and downs of dealing with mental health issues in a country that discounts mental health in contrast to issues of physical health. At first it is thought that Chase is autistic but then in his early teens begins to have seizures and suicide attempts. Randi craves guidance and for his son’s issues to be categorized but like so much around Chase it is easier said than done.

Author Randi Davenport is an educated intelligent woman who pushes hard to do the right thing amid self-doubts and utter exhaustion. This is a very inspiring story of a mother’s love and quest to do the right thing for her children. You will read it and want to work for change. You may well know many others who need to read her amazing book.

a well written heartfelt book


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