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January 19, 2011

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Continues

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Sometimes we learn things in the most unlikely places when we least expect it. This could be said to be one of life’s great gifts.

The news that Steve Jobs was taking his third medical leave left many people shaken as he is such an American innovator and admired by so many internationally. Listening to Tom Merritt and his crew on his “Tech News Today” podcast gave an interesting explanation of pancreatic cancer by a physician who is a regular in their chat room. She makes clear that she has no special knowledge of Steve’s particular case beyond her experience as s doctor and what she has read and observed in the media but her comments are illuminating. It is a worthwhile listen. She appears at the first part of this audio and for those who have heard about her through the years on this podcast it’s interesting to hear her medical wisdom shared.

Pancreatic cancer is an elusive disease and our ongoing awareness of it is important to help people with the disease to recognize the signs and those without to help work for a cure.


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