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February 2, 2011

Financial Tips for a Sound Sleep

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Time to put the credit cards on ice?

My parents who spoke openly about money matters and drilled into us to think before spending. They stressed how long we had to work to buy whatever it was we desired. We were raised to think of long-term goals and not to get lured into peer pressure. Savings was stressed, as was living within our means, and thinking of those who lived with less. I was an Unicef “Trick or Treater” at a very young age. We were raised to be frugal, to stop and to think before buying, and to know the difference between and need and a want. These habits were well learned and have served me well.

For those who weren’t raised with this “how long did you work to pay for that” math drilled into you, comes Kyle Reiach’s Days to Pay site. Here you can insert your wage and figure out how long you must work, to pay for something, or click on the links and figure out how much charging something, and paying over time will cost. You may well step away from the computer and place your credit cards into the ice tray in the deep freeze.

Last week I sent this Forbes Magazine article, “Is Your Partner Cheating On You Financially? 31% Admit Money Deception” by Jenna Goudreau, around to a few friends, who had not necessarily had this experience, but who I thought should be aware how widespread it was. Most people don’t talk openly about money matters and the topic of financial deceptions.In these tight economic times it’s been harder to hide these things. One is left to think that if 31% admit to money deceptions there must be a subset to aren’t admit it. It is an important topic of conversation to share with your intimates.


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