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March 12, 2011

Tsunami: Mother Nature reminds us Who is in Charge

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It was a sober reminder of how inter-connected globally we are when we stopped to think of all our personal connections to Japan and Hawaii yesterday morning. Janet, my friend in New Zealand, send me this very interesting animation from NOAA about the tsunami that was quite educational. We have many friends in Kona, Hawaii and this was an amazing YOU TUBE video of the wave coming on shore there, the coast guard has just condemned their main pier and my heart aches for the struggling local businesses that rely on cruise ship passengers every week just to keep afloat.

It’s wild to think of all the amateur videos posted from Hawaii but also from Japan and what it was like before these things could be posted in moments by whomever and distributed internationally. Here’s one from the Grassroots News about Kona’s damage bringing new meaning to the idea of local reporting, from people on site.

All this natural disaster bring up the questions; are we prepared to sustain ourselves, our family, and neighbors in case of a disaster? The recommendation is to have ample supplies for 72 hours and here’s a handy website out of San Francisco to help you to plan. I sent this link to many friends yesterday many of whom commented they were just planning to come to our house, this is not a good plan, as we may not be home. Having ample clear bottled water, and an alternative cooking source, a manual can opener and tinned foods, as well as knowing how to turn off your gas at the meter, and where you water main is essential. Being aware of elderly people and the needs of the disabled in your neighborhood is also important. Are you ready? Take a moment today, to take action, and to create a complete emergency kit. Visqueen? Duct tape, battery operated radio? My neighbor Nancy, who drives a subcompact car, has a small kit in her car–guess where she was in the last big earthquake ten years ago?

Take a moment to send a small donation to help those in Japan who have been so devastated and begin today compiling your own emergency kit and don’t get caught off guard when the natural disaster is in your front yard.


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