The Curious Autodidact

December 15, 2011

Cool Visuals

Filed under: cool internet stuff,helpful hints,media related,social justice — Honilima @ 9:39 pm

The visual display of information when well done can be an awesome way to display data. One such illustration is one that shows “Why Apples are Better than Oranges” sure to warm the hearts of the many people in Washington State’s international apple growing industry.

Another is one that shows the differences between the decades 2000 vs 2010 called “A Decade of Change

Our lives can go in different directions, here’s one that shows ‘the incredible savant brain‘ and another that illustrates a time line of ‘the real cost of prison.‘ Here’s another that shows the amount of student loans state by state called “Graduating from IOU“. Here’s another that shows you how to “Build a Work Wardrobe from Scratch

What’s not to love about these creative ways to display information? Perhaps they will inspire you to come up with your own visual display of information and let your talent shine.


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