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April 1, 2012

One Person Can Make a Difference: Swimming and Chess

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Some days it’s harder than others to see how one person can make a difference in a world with so many problems.

Some people fly to the Sudan to help as a doctor to many, others just show up week after week and rock another person’s world with quiet gentle kindness.

For many years Al Harkey has shown up to give Phil a break from the devastation that is multiple sclerosis by helping him to continue his desire to swim and be free in the water, a task that was no longer possible do to the chronic nature of Phil’s disease. The story appeared in the Seattle Times back in 2005 and has stuck with me as I am such a fan of swimming and the therapeutic qualities for those who have mobility challenges.

American Public Media has another amazing story about Paul Karrer a teacher to reaches out to a former student Rojelio Garcia by playing chess through the mail with him while he was incarcerated. This great radio story details how this experienced touched both their lives.

Sometimes it only takes on person to believe in you, to lend you a hand, to make a difference in your life. Have you been that person to someone this week?


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