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July 26, 2012

Crossing the Borders of Time

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NPR’s Diane Rehm‘s interview with Leslie Maitland about her book “Crossing the Borders of Time” is a great introduction to this incredible story and this talented author/daughter of a holocaust survivor.

Pick up the book and you will be swept away by this family story that she was so profoundly touched by her whole life that she went to discover the “rest of the story” with her skills honed by her work as a journalist for the New York Times. The book is thick at 500+ pages but it is so compelling written you will be sad when you get close to the end.

Even if you have read many books about World War II this book gives a different perspective to how one family fled Europe and the difficult life choices that were made as a result of this life saving journey to America. Maitland grew up hearing of her mother’s first love, how she had to leave him when she fled Europe as a result of the war and her telling of this tale makes for an amazing read.


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