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October 25, 2012

Different Looks at Mental Illness

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Glenn Close talked the other day on NPR about her relationship with her sister and has been an outspoken advocate for the mentally ill.

Marsha Lineham a therapist and researcher at the University of Washington was featured in a front page story, in the NYT “Expert on Mental Illness Reveals Her Own Fight” talking about her diagnosis as having a borderline personality disorder.

People are removing the shame and talking more openly about their struggles with mental illness and sharing the experiences within their own lives and those of their families. Paul Gilmartin found himself laid off from his job and began the now popular Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast that each week features a different person talking about their struggles coping with various types of mental illness. His show is candid and at turns uncomfortable and healing. If you aren’t into popular culture many of the people featured will not be known to you but the format of the show one on one and without interruptions makes it an intimate experience as if you are overhearing a conversation between two good friends. If you want some episodes to sample start with Kristine Keese, Jamie Denbo, Dr. Jessica Zucker, or Alison Rosen.

NAMI is a good place to start for more resources for those coping with mental illness in their own family or in his or her own life.


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