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August 20, 2014

An American Heroine Dramatic Activist: Anna Deavere Smith

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Anna Deavere Smith, actress, activist, and playwright appears on KQED to talk about her production “Let Them Down Easy” about the broken American health care system. She is a brilliant actress and a creative wonder, her activism around American controversies with such a race riots, Katrina, and other important worth dramatic reflection.

She interviews diverse people and brings these captivating characters into the theater to appreciative audiences. The interviewer refers to her as a “student of expression” quite an understatement. Smith mentions, in this interview that she had always deeply admired the work of Studs Terkel, my hero too. She brings the human side of the health care debate to the stage and creates much food for thought after interviewing hundreds of people about their experience around medicine and health care. Intelligent and thoughtful she is a woman whose work you don’t want to miss.


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