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January 7, 2015

Cost of Hope: Amanda Bennett’s Book Should be Required Reading

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How can you not consider Amanda Bennett a hero after listening to her fifteen minute Ted Talk? She is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who has worked for the Wall Street Journal and the Oregonian.

Her talk follows her book entitled “The Cost of Hope” about her journey with her husband in the last chapter of his life and the ridiculousness that surrounds end of life over treatment in America. She urges everyone to come to grips with the fact we are all going to die and the cost to everyone for the over treatment that often doesn’t add to one’s quality of life at the end.

If you want to listen more here she is on the Diane Rehm Show out of Washington DC, in 2012, talking to Diane whose husband soon would have his own end-of-life struggle in 2014.

My friend Maryanne made this book the last one she read and thanked me for sending it along to her. She asked me to “keep up the good fight”, and I indeed have tried to keep the dialogue about death a natural part of life not something hidden. Indeed it is one of the few commonalities we will all share no matter what your education, background, or home address.


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