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March 2, 2015

Wonder Mom: Debbie Ziegler

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Shouldn’t Debbie Zielger the mother of Brittany Maynard have a cape? She is a super hero.

If you think that one person can’t make a difference you haven’t read about how Brittany Maynard.  Her willingness to speak out, about her quest for a peaceful death before brain cancer took away all quality of life, raised the country’s awareness of a decent death. She garnered attention because she was so smart, young, attractive and articulate.

Amid the grief, of losing her only daughter, Debbie Ziegler has stood up to continue her daughter’s campaign to bring right to die legislation to other states. She is now working on the campaign in California where they were living before Brittany’s diagnosis made them decide to establish residency in Oregon. They moved to where palliative care and hospice were so strong as a result from the ongoing quest for end of life choice. Oregon has lead the way for more end of life conversation with their Death with Dignity law that was established there in 1994 with Measure 16.

Brittany is a hero but it’s not hard to see where she got her passion and intelligence if you have seen her mother Debbie. Here she is recently talking about her daughter with Dr. Oz.


“My dream is that every terminally ill American has access to the choice to die
on their own terms with dignity. Please take an active role to make this a reality.”
Brittany Maynard, October 24, 2014


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