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March 10, 2015

Podcast: The Bittersweet Life

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I read about this podcast, The Bittersweet Life on a local website and put off listening for a long while. When I got to listening I binge listened to it a few segments at a time. It’s a charming podcast featuring two childhood friends from the Seattle Area who met in sixth grade found themselves both living in Rome. Tiffany moved to Rome in 2014 and Katy was taken there for a year’s stay due to an educational opportunity her husband had. Tiffany Parks works at an English publication in Rome, works sometimes as a tour guide, and married an Italian. She has a blog called The Pines of Rome.  Katy Sewall quit her decade-long job at the local NPR station and speaks frankly about the uncertainty of what life may deal her when upon her return. They talk on their podcast about the ex-pat experience, do interviews, take listeners on a few walking tours, and discuss their views on the city they are living in.

Katy is now back in Seattle but their podcast is beginning to evolve and they are getting their wings as regular podcasters. I can’t wait to see where this format takes them next. It is a charming and fun listen into the lives of these two young women who obviously share a great affection for one another from childhood.


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