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April 17, 2015

Getting Comfortable with Life’s End

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I was alerted to the documentary Consider the Conversation and that it would be shown on many public broadcasting stations. It was not going to be shown in my area and so I bought one to give to the local Compassion and Choices chapter to make available to their volunteers. It a terrific film and would make for great family viewing, here is a short but powerful three minute clip from YouTube that will give you a taste of the power of this film about a life passage rarely spoken of in our culture. Seattle neurologist and neuro-oncologist Dr. Lynne P. Taylor has written a powerful piece in a professional publication about her work with the Washington State Death with Dignity Law. Also worth reading is the New York Times article: Good Short Life by Dudley Clendinen. Choosing When to Go, the article about Maine resident Norman Morse, is quite intelligent. It does incorrectly state that Oregon is the only state with a Death with Dignity Law that allows physician aid in dying, when so does Washington and Montana. The people of Maine had always been strongly independent and Morse states a strong case for why he should be able to end his life when he thinks it should be over stressing once again quality over quantity. These videos and articles should be shared to make us all more comfortable with all parts of our lives even the end.


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