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August 19, 2015

Temperatures: Weather and Wines

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The Pacific Northwest has endured a summer of record breaking temperatures. UW Weather Guru Cliff Mass had an interesting piece on his blog detailing the proper placement of an outdoor thermometer:

“When it comes to measuring heat, the National Weather Service shares this advice about where to place your thermometer:

– Mount the thermometer in a shaded, well-ventilated and open area, about 5 feet above ground.

– Away from water sprinkler systems

– No closer than four times the height of any obstruction. For example, if a building is 10 feet tall, it needs to be no closer than 40 feet from that building.

– Located over natural ground just as grass, dirt or sod; which means, not on your roof.

– At least 100 feet from road or concrete.”

Speaking of temperatures, the Consumer’s Union had an interesting article about serving wines at their proper temperature.


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