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October 12, 2015

What Can You do Today to Help a Sister?

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There I was a gray-haired lady in the drug store when I noticed an advert for tampons at half-price. They happened to be the brand I was most familiar with and had years ago served me well —so I loaded up my cart and off I went. I was surprised by the young woman behind me that looked at me like “What the heck is that lady going to do with all those tampons?”  I smiled and explained to her that I was going to give them to a local food bank that they were well priced this week.

I went home and emailed my friends who lived close enough to this local drug store chain to follow suit and made a funny story about my encounter to share. It got quite a response from friends with a giving heart and a sympathy of not having enough.

I had been astonished to read this article about women in prison not having adequate personal hygiene supplies for their monthly menstruation. Poor women also face a similar dilemma.

Last Valentine’s Day I sent a Valentine and $20 to a young woman who was recently out of prison who had little support, living in a new town, keeping her head down, and trying to adjust to life “outside.” She was working full-time but told me she was going to use the money to buy personal hygiene supplies. I was so touched by this humble story and how this small gesture really made a difference to her a time she was no doubt feeling a bit out of sorts.

We take so much for granted in our rich country but there are so many people here who are in need.

Food Banks, Women’s Shelters, and other organizations are happy to receive these types of donations. I bought the combo pack! It was the loss leader that week and there was no a limit on what I could buy. It’s simple to find a great sale and spend $50 on something that will change the lives of women who are struggling. It is a simple thing but also so kind and unusual.

One person can make a difference, you can today in ways smaller than even this. Reach out and do a favor for someone you may never meet it could rock your world.


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